How can we help you with Student Retention?

Personalized Mailers

Your students don’t want to be a number. Just the opposite, in fact. They want to be an individual with a name and a place of importance in the eyes of your university. With DME’s variable 1:1 technology, we can personalize all aspects of your marketing campaign from the student’s name and major, to school specific imagery from your university.

Engaging Communications

Current students love to be in-the-know about events taking place on campus. Communicate with them regarding opportunities that they can be a part of. Keeping students engaged lets them know that they are important to your college or university.

Welcome Back Kits

Greet students returning to campus with Welcome Back Kits! Kits can include any number of items from school-branded hand sanitizers or lanyards, to tech decals and phone wallets, all in one customized package.


Why choose us?

Whether your focus is on challenging your returning students, re-engaging with them, or even reinvigorating them, we help you apply your messaging through a positive and proactive method. At DME Delivers, we don’t operate under assumptions, we place our focus on finding distinctive areas that help you improve outreach to all students.


Personal Representatives


Years of Experience


Collegiate Clients


Innovative Ideas


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