Rolling admission means increased flexibility for both admissions and admittees. If you play your cards right, it means a wider window to reach potential students for enrollment. If you don’t, it could mean potential students melt away during the extended timeframe. At DME Delivers, we specialize at facilitating omnichannel marketing campaigns that increase enrollment for rolling admission universities.

Here are 3 Ways to Secure Your Rolling Admissions Goals, and capitalize on rolling admission:

#1: Every year, thousands of students start but don’t finish their application, enrollment, or registration. Instead of letting them melt away, win them back. Hit these students with digital and direct marketing touchpoints that remind them to complete their last few steps. Sometimes, all you need is a reminder to secure their enrollment for your school’s upcoming term.

Don’t let incoming prospects melt away, show them your interest, and win them back!

#2: When it comes to rolling admission, you can’t rely on digital channels alone – digital channel fatigue leads to minimal engagement. Prioritize an omnichannel mentality that utilizes exciting digital and direct mail touchpoints. Create an exciting acceptance experience with colorful acceptance boxes, personalized mailers, and enthusiastic emails. Build excitement and provide your future students the gentle push they need to complete their enrollment.

#3: Rolling admission acceptances often fall outside the traditional timeframes most students are getting into the schools of their choice. This can cause future students to feel left out. How can you make them feel excited about coming to your school – while getting a better idea of who is committed to enroll? DME’s Commitment Predictor Program gives your university invaluable insight by providing newly accepted students with a redeemable gift. If they redeem the gift, good chance they’re excited to come. If they don’t redeem it, then they might need some extra attention.

Work With an Expert Partner

Want to know the best way you can capitalize on rolling admissions this year? Work with an experienced partner who can do the bulk of the work for you. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you increase your institution’s yield–drop us a line for a free consultation. 

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