What is the number of no-deposits your university receives after sending an acceptance letter? If your school has a lot of no-deposits, you should start thinking about upping your yield strategy. Putting down a college deposit is no joke – for prospective students and their families, it’s one of the most impactful investments they will make for their future.

How To Secure That Deposit…

How can you convince prospective students that your school is worth their future? DME Delivers specializes in direct mail yield marketing that gets prospective students to make that deposit.

Here are 4 tricks to increase yield:

#1: Emphasize Value Over Cost  Students fear college debt more than ever – which is why you have to communicate the value of your institution front and center. First, be transparent about the net cost and financial aid options your school offers – if this information isn’t clear, it can make or break a deposit. Once you’ve communicated the cost, emphasize the value – why your school is worth it. Showcase your key value drivers clearly: The beautiful campus, the welcoming community, the school spirit, the extracurricular activities, the invigorating fields of study…

Make your institution feel like a place that’s worth investing time and money in.

#2: Involve Current Students Any incoming student wants to know what it’s really like to be a student at your university. So, tell them.

Utilize current students as brand ambassadors for your institution. Put your current students front and center in your marketing. Answer frequently asked questions. Offer peer mentorship calls. Provide on campus or virtual tours. By telling prospective students exactly what they want to know, they’ll feel that much more ready to make that deposit.

#3: Personalized Merchandise How do you get prospective students and their families to invest in you? Show that you’re willing to invest in them. Whether it’s sunglasses, hats, or t-shirts, bright and colorful personalized merchandise can make prospective students excited to make that deposit and join your school’s community.

#4: Communicate at Scale Utilize a creative omnichannel marketing campaign that knows your audience and reaches them where they are at.

This includes:

• Website: Make sure it’s easy to find, use and will answer all the questions prospective students need to know.
• Social Media: Have a friendly social media presence that engages with prospective students and their needs.
• Email: Utilize this channel for all action items and communications your students need to know.
• Direct Mail: One of the most tangible and credible touchpoints, use it to seal the deal on the yield.

When done correctly, every channel works together like an ecosystem, reinforcing the same goal: Getting your prospective students to yield that deposit.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you increase your institution’s yield? Drop us a line for a free consultation.

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