Large Format Printing & Vinyl Wall Wraps

One of our divisions, DME Visual, is a large format printing company. Through DME Visual, we have installed custom environmental interior wraps for our customers all over north and central Florida. Our clients include Johnson and Johnson, Pepsi, Swisher, Walmart, Daytona State, and UNF among others.

After servicing several of these projects, we realized we needed to follow the advice we were giving our clients pertaining to the importance of branded environments. We started with a few internal meetings between our large format operations director, our creative team, our maintenance and construction crew, and other invested employees.

Our first step was to paint the exterior areas, number the buildings and have the wayfinding signs installed. We have four large buildings on campus, so between the design and production, this took us around two months to complete. While the outside was in production, we started working on the interior. We had two design meetings and two production meetings for the front half of our main building alone, which is a large space. Once the exterior portion of the buildings was complete, we began installing the vinyl wall wraps and signage in the front half. We used several different types of substrates and design techniques since this is one of our areas of expertise. The results were amazing, and our employees are constantly discussing how well the whole project came together.

Moving forward, the next challenge ahead of us will be working on our large production facility. We are going to design and wrap the entire production and fulfillment area. Not only is this space massive, but we must also contend with equipment that is in the way and the tall walls of the facility. Additionally, we must continue to meet our customers’ deadlines by fulfilling our orders. The target date for completion of this project is July 1st of this year. As we get closer to our estimated deadline, we will keep you updated.

These campus projects would have never gotten off the ground if we hadn’t set deadlines and had a single group in charge of overseeing the process. Having too many people involved in the planning would have slowed production down.

Tour DME

We are very proud of our revitalized campus and everything we have achieved, which has led us to establish “Tuesday Tours” for DME companies.

We believe this is an excellent opportunity for local businesses and the surrounding community to come into our facilities and be inspired. Recently we have begun inviting the local community to “come see” what’s new at DME and the DME facilities. DME Visual, Daytona Stadium and the Daytona Ice Rink are also included in the tour. We can arrange all four in one day if you are so inclined.

This past Tuesday we invited the staff from Game Time Sports, which is located at One Daytona, to visit our facilities. To our delight, they were impressed with the changes that have taken place in just a few short months. If you own a business in the Daytona Beach area or are active in the community, we encourage you to come in and take a tour to see how much of an impact a branded environment can make for you.

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