With all of today’s new technology and communication outlets, it may be easier than you would expect to lose deals with prospective students and customers. Here are 3 tried and true tips to effectively personalize your direct mail campaigns.


1) Address Them by Their First Name This is rule #1 for a reason because it’s the hook, line and sinker for grabbing their attention. Always address the recipient by their first name in a direct mail piece. That way they know you’re talking to them, and no one else. You’re beginning by getting #personal and #conversational, which is the best way to start off any sale.

2) Get Personal and Conversational If you’re going to address them on a first name basis, then you’ll want to get personal on your end as well. Personalize your business and brand by showing the face of the employees that are reaching out.  This is an effective way to humanize the interaction and increase response rates… Because suddenly it’s not a robot reaching out, it’s a human being.

Get PERSONAL with your marketing, striking up conversation can be the hardest step to closing.

3) Give Them A Personalized Offer A great offer is enticing, but what about an offer that’s tailored to your location or name?  Why settle for “Save25” when you could do “OrlandoSave25” or “AmandaSave25”?  Make the deal you’re running feel like an exclusive offer that you can’t pass up. Also, it’s a great way to track how your direct mail campaign is performing. #directmailmarketing

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