GAll for Guerrilla Marketing, and Guerrilla Marketing for All?

Guerrilla marketing helps with:

  • Cost advantages – Typically, guerrilla marketing has low costs, which makes it appealing
  • Builds brand equity – Being recognized across different channels for a creative marketing campaign is always a plus
  • Lasting impressions – People appreciate unique and dynamic; it resonates your story and brand
  • Depending on industry and company image, keep in mind that this strategy isn’t always an ideal solution. Let’s check out this ultimate cheat sheet on Guerrilla Marketing. Perhaps you can formulate a creative idea to help generate traffic for your product or service!

1.  Creative Ideas Get Attention

Gaining audience attention is king. There has to be something outside the normalcy of a typical newsletter, a standard drip campaign or a holiday discount. Have something completely unexpected. Whether it’s something interactive, a strong and appealing visual or something that generates a response, the ideas behind guerrilla marketing have to get your audience’s attention.

2.  Make Sure the Message is Clear

This is where the struggle of ‘creativity meets a clear message’ causes stagnation in guerrilla marketing. The message needs to get your audience to think about what the message is as well as keeping any misunderstandings at bay. An older yet perfect example is the “Mooninite Panic.” Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force created a panic in Boston, where their LED characters were mistaken as explosive devices threatening the city. As I’ve mentioned, the risk/reward is high, so make sure the message is clear and not subjected to misunderstandings!

3.  Know the Call to Action and its Purpose

Sounds simple, right? Is this a branding stint to gain circulation and exposure across media channels? Perhaps there is a specific call to action you want the audience to take? Sometimes companies embed a “soft” call to action (CTA) that impulses an individual to make a purchase. For example, Pepsi (have to offset with the Coca-Cola image, right?) has used the slogan “Get Refreshed” in advertisements to create curiosity element, causing audiences to purchase their product. Simply put, make sure you understand the call to action and its main purpose in your guerrilla marketing campaign.

4. Measuring is Always Better than Guessing

So now you’ve come up with a creative idea and strong message. The CTA is understood, and the purpose is known. Now what? You should ensure that you can measure your campaign’s return on investment and the actual impact it will have on your sales. If you find yourself concerned only with the end of year number, I must ask: without quantitative data to support a campaign, how do you know its overall effectiveness? Seeing a bump in sales is always nice, but how can you attribute it to your guerrilla marketing campaign compared to, say, a seasonal spike in sales? Always ensure that the campaign is measurable.

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