Are you properly utilizing your direct and digital marketing channels? According to respected publication AdWeek, “The average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds…the average direct mail’s lifespan is 17 days.” That’s why direct mail marketing solutions are so vital–direct marketing skips the screens to deliver something real to a potential customer’s doorstep. Obviously, we are not advising you to stop your digital marketing efforts–but you should definitely maximize ALL your efforts by combining direct and digital marketing.

Let’s dive into 3 things that make direct mail marketing so effective when combined with your digital efforts.


#1: An ability to deliver personalized and flexible solutions. You might think personalization is only effective in the digital world–but think again! The best direct mail marketing agencies can personalize your imagery and messages to different segments of your data list. Work with a partner that can streamline the process, make sure all the recipients get a message and design that’s tailored for them, then sit back and enjoy the very effective benefits.

“Don’t sleep on direct mail marketing, or you may lose easy wins to your competitors.”

#2: A proprietary fulfillment system. Many direct mail marketing agencies outsource their execution and fulfillment systems, leading to an industry standard 5-day fulfillment. But why would you wait 5 days when you could fulfill campaigns in a day or less!? Choose a direct mail marketing agency that can fulfill in-house, so your campaigns can be executed from start to finish in as little as 12 hours…just imagine the time AND money you will save.


#3: Exceptional quality of end products. Don’t have a designer’s mind? You don’t have to. Find a partner who has an in-house design team ready to take your brand ideas and run with them. When it comes to direct mail marketing, you need a visually appealing product that catches the recipient’s eye and imagination. And guess what, DME can Deliver all these resources.


So, what are you waiting for!? To get started, and combine your direct and digital marketing, drop us a line here. We’ll set up a free consultation call to find the best solutions for you.


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